Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding


When Oasis ceased to be in a flurry fists and smashed guitars on August 28, 2009, what could have feasibly happened next?

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MGMT @ Enmore Theatre, 10 March, 2011


Funky is usually a word that causes a collective cringe amongst those of a certain disposition. But it’s really the best way to describe Pond. The band’s sound is a heady mix of Midnite Vultures-era Beck, mid-70s Bowie, Roxy Music and British psychedelia. In contrast to his near-motionless role playing bass in Tame Impala (a band in which three of Pond also play), Nick Allbrook is a dynamo frontman, moving around the stage with boundless energy.

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Os Mutantes @ Enmore Theatre, 9 March, 2011


It’s always nice when nice guys do well and Richard In Your Mind are some of the nicest guys around. Following their recent Australian Music Prize nomination, you would hope that opening for Os Mutantes might be a slight consolation. You can hear the influence of the Brazilian group all over RIYM’s music. The tempo changes, the irreverent lyrics, the sunny disposition; it all owes something to the headliner in some way. For a band you’d usually see at smaller venues, they certainly looked comfortable on the Enmore stage. The sound was also full and not lacking in any way.

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