The Beach Boys @ Allphones Arena, 30 August, 2012



For a band with such an extensive history of friction and differences of opinion, the fact that The Beach Boys are together as a band 50 years after they released their first single, ‘Surfin’’, is astonishing. What makes this tour particularly significant is the fact that it’s not just one or two of the originals. No, before our very eyes is every living official member of The Beach Boys (well, apart from Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin who were official members between 1972 and 1974).

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The Go-Betweens – Love Goes On

The Go-Betweens

It’s just over six years since Robert Forster called time on The Go-Betweens following the death of his friend and long-time creative foil Grant McLennan. McLennan’s passing put an abrupt end to one of the most unique and influential Australian bands of the last 30 years.

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Mark Gardener @ Factory Theatre, 4 August, 2012


Making their Australian debut, Sky Parade is working double time on this tour. Not only do they open the show, they’ll be seen again later providing backing to headliner Mark Gardener. The LA quartet’s originals give a good indication of why Gardener asked them to back him; the chiming guitars portray the influence of many a guitar-lead indie band from the early 90s who also had a foot in the 60s.

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