The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow



Through the course of their decade-long history The Black Angels have established themselves as a distinctive and formidable presence in neo-psychedelia. Their fourth album Indigo Meadow shows them again as a band far from being content to release an album that sounds like their last.

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse @ Sydney Entertainment Centre, 10 March, 2013


Over his 50-plus years as a musician Neil Young has consistently confounded the wants of his audience, critics, records labels and band mates to do exactly what he wants to do. Indeed, while many of his contemporaries have slowed down their musical output in favour of relying on nostalgia, Young has released 11 studio albums since 2000 that are as strong and diverse as any in his canon. This includes two albums released in 2012; Americana and Psychedelic Pill, both recorded with his greatest and loudest musical foils, Crazy Horse.

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