Primal Scream – I’ve Got The Soul


Just over 30 years since Bobby Gillespie formed Primal Scream with school mate Jim Beattie as a means of having something to do, the band has become something of an indie institution. Even as they’ve gone through a multitude of members (Gillespie is the only consistent member) and a hefty swag of various substances, the band has produced ten studio albums that have melded a dazzlingly wide pool of influences and styles.

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Splashh – Comfort



There’s recently been a handful of groups (Peace, Sulk, Temples, etc.) channeling that point in the early 90s where indie bands, particularly in the UK, were making music that wasn’t quite Baggy, wasn’t quite Shoegaze and wasn’t quite Britpop, but a strange melange of the three.

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Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me

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Known primarily for their work in Lost Valentinos and Ghostwood respectively, Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield joined forces a couple of years ago to form Jagwar Ma. The duo’s new group has quickly built a strong reputation on the back of some hard-hitting singles that meld indie-dance grooves, 60s pop and a healthy dose of psychedelia. They’ve recently released their debut long player, Howlin, which has received gushing praise from all corners of the globe.

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Beady Eye: Dave Sitek, sitars and Oasis reunions


BEADY EYE’s softly-spoken guitarist Andy Bell opens up to MICHAEL HARTT about working with Dave Sitek and admits that if Oasis were to reform, he’d be there in a flash.

Having been greeted by a somewhat lacklustre reception, both critically and commercial, with their first album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, Beady Eye have returned with their second album, BE. The record sees Liam Gallagher and his ex-Oasis cohorts Gem Archer, Chris Sharrock and Andy Bell pursuing different sonic terrain to the swaggering rockers of their first outing. With the aid of TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek on production duties, their second outing is a spacier, more adventurous affair.

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Jagwar Ma – Howlin’



Asked recently by the NME if he’d spoken to his former Oasis band mates about getting back together, Noel Gallagher said “we’re too busy talking about fucking Temples and Jagwar Ma”. For a man who’s built a lot of his reputation on being a world-class hater, this is high praise indeed. On the evidence of Jagwar Ma’s debut album Howlin’ it’s also well-justified.

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