Definitely (not maybe) the 10 greatest Oasis tracks ever


There’s been a lot of chatter (for better or worse) about Oasis this week. So we asked our resident expert MICHAEL HARTT to pick out the band’s greatest songs ever. We’ll save you the time – there’s no ‘Wonderwall’ on this list.

The much-missed Oasis are set to reunite re-issue their first three studio albums in 2014, beginning with the mid-May release of a remastered version of debut Definitely Maybe. Often accused of being nothing more than plagiarists of the work of others, Oasis were more than just rip-offs. They were a swaggering, cocky, cool and dangerous group fronted by one of the rock’s funniest double acts, Noel and Liam Gallagher. In celebration of the up-coming reissues, here’s 10 of their best.

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Temples – Sun Structures



In the face of some heady hype ever since woozy debut single ‘Shelter Song’ first appeared in late 2012, UK neo-psych quartet Temples have taken their time to put out a debut long-player. The result is a work that has feet planted firmly in the past and the present.

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