Ten songs Paul McCartney should play on his return to Australia


It’s been a super-long time since Paul McCartney toured Australia. The last time he was here, Hypercolour, E Street, focaccia and Peter Andre were all things. Shane Warne was better known for his skills on the pitch than for his moves off it. Paul Keating was the Prime Minister. The internet wasn’t a thing! This outfit was somehow something people thought was acceptable to wear.

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Ride – The Prodigal Sons Of Shoegaze



Had you told someone in 1997 that in 20 years’ time, both Ride and Slowdive would be releasing brand new albums of original material, they most likely would have laughed at you, labelled you crazy and then asked you not to bother them again while you both waited in line to buy a copy of Oasis’ Be Here Now.

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