The Creases – Tremolow



After forming in 2013 and releasing the Gradient EP in 2014, a debut long player has been a long time coming from The Creases. While the Brisbane foursome’s first release was a propulsive blend of post punk and shoegaze, debut album Tremolo is a brighter, brasher record.

The first evidence of The Creases’ evolution came in 2015 with the single ‘Point’ (featured on the second side of Tremolo). The mix of chiming guitars and a wash of synths gave an early sign to the new direction. It was the release of ‘Impact’ in mid-2016 that outright pronounced the band’s renewal. Its anthemic chorus and jubilant use of horns showed a swagger unlike anything The Creases had released previously. It was one of the best singles of last year and, even after a good twelve months to take it in, it’s one of the standouts on Tremolo.

Using the standard guitar-bass-drums quartet as the foundations, each song gets extra vibrancy from the embellishments made with strings (‘Is It Love’), synths (‘Everybody Knows’) and horns (‘Were Young’). It belies a far poppier sensibility than the band’s first offering.

Undoubtedly, the album owes a lot to Britpop. From the snarl of ‘Everybody Knows’, to the jangle of ‘At Last You Find’ and the lackadaisicalness  of ‘In My Car’, it’s written large. Never does it become parody or plagiarism, though. Neither does it all sound like one band or other. The high quality of the songs is undeniable and indubitably the sound of The Creases.

Tremolo has to be one of the early contenders for the soundtrack to summer. It radiates. It’s a triumph.

Originally published in The Brag.