All My People, Right Here, Right Now – Ten of 1997’s boldest and loudest indie rock albums


During their recent week of features discussing the best and worst of pop culture from twenty years ago, The A.V. Club said that 1997 is a “frequent contender” for the title of Worst Music Year.

Sure, their point was strongly made by the fact that, during a two-week period in June and July of that year, albums were released Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Limp Bizkit; a beefcake triumvirate that provides no finer representation of everything that was absolutely horrid about music in the late 90s/early 00s.

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The Creases – Tremolow



After forming in 2013 and releasing the Gradient EP in 2014, a debut long player has been a long time coming from The Creases. While the Brisbane foursome’s first release was a propulsive blend of post punk and shoegaze, debut album Tremolo is a brighter, brasher record.

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Treasure hunting at Amcorp Mall Flea Market


Amongst Malaysia’s multitude of mega malls, Petaling Jaya’s Amcorp Mall is fairly unremarkable.

There’s no sign of the designer chains that fill the ultra-slick, ultra-modern, super air-conditioned centres you’ll find in most parts of Kuala Lumpur and surrounds. Nor is there an entire level devoted to food stalls offering delicacies from all part of the region and from around the world.

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